Monday, 8 April 2013

Adaptation: Kitchen Environment Ambient Occlusion Update

Kitchen Environment Ambient Occlusion Update

In response to Tom's suggestion, I've applied a quick Ambient Occlusion pass, just to see how it affects the scene. Its using the default settings in Mental Ray, with no adjustments to shadows or much else at this point (yes, I'm very, very lazy). Its very washed out at this stage, but when I refine it, tone down the shadows and harsh lighting, I can finally see the potential of the final outcome (which gives me one less thing to worry about. Well, half a thing. More a third of a thing. But still! Less worrying!)


  1. Wow...ambient occlusion literally popped this out!:D

  2. one word.....EPIC..... well done man looks very good!

  3. Looks good! :)

    Just need to drop the opacity on the occlusion pass, because the occlusion shadows are way too dark. Have you put it on as a soft light, or multiply?

  4. You're almost there but a few tweaks would help. As Tom says drop the AO effect however, eliminate the hard raytraced shadows too. Depending upon the light type you will need blur the shadows by adjusting the Light Angle and Shadow Rays (Directional light) or equivelant on other lights. Come and see me about lighting if you need advice.

    Shadow Rays = Spread (0 - 24)
    Light Angle = Samples (1 - 128)

    Changing these settings increases render time. Proceed with caution.