Thursday, 19 January 2012

Final Scene with Matte Painting

This is my final scene, with the matte painting integrated. 

I finally settled on a brighter scene, but when I simply brightened it, it didn't really... pop. I got around this by providing the light with a yellow hue, to emulate fluorescent lighting. I feel it is a subtle change that makes quite a lot of difference in the final tone of the scene. It provides it with an unsettling, dingy feeling in a clincal, clean environment.

The matte painting has also been integrated in the doorway. The door leads out onto an alleyway, as opposed to the car park idea which I had previously dabbled with. Originally, the matte painting was going to be placed behind the windows, but as I wished to retain the reflectivity in the scene, I chose to keep the windows in place. After researching it (and even testing it out using my bedroom window), I came to the conclusion that with such a high level of reflectivity and the night time setting, realistically you wouldn't see a street, clear as day, through the windows.I reinvented the matte painting and personally, I prefer the alley idea considerably more than the previous street idea as it fits the scene in a more unique way than simply adding in the most expected idea.

The Matte Painting

Overall, I'm quite happy with my final scene. I feel quite a sense of achievement considering I've never done anything on quite this scale with Maya before, and its turned out pretty positively. 


  1. This is amazing stuff. Can't criticise it, in any possible way.

  2. Oh wow, this looks absolutely beautiful! (: