Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Adaptation: Housewife Blendshapes Complete

Housewife Blendshapes Complete

I've spent the day giving my Housewife character the desperately needed ability to express herself (in the words of NWA), constructing blendshapes making overall making her a lot less corpse-like. Other than some minor tweaks here and there (her buttons are misbehaving, for example) she's pretty much done. The Puppet still needs controls added and the strings properly figured out, but I'll sort that once I've got the main Housewife scenes animated, as the Puppet is only on screen for a short period. Below are the Housewife's blendshapes (Note, she has all the phonemes and visemes, but she doesn't speak, so they're sort of superfluous, but I've added them for a little more flexibility with her facial animation regardless).

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