Maya Tutorials

Intro to Maya (well sort of, but not really)
Basic Modelling in Maya

Intro to Maya
Magnifying Glass
Ballpoint Pen
Desk Fan
One Point Lighting- Front
One Point Lighting- Rear
Two Point Lighting
Three Point Lighting
Stylistic Lighting
Texturing: Part One- Common Materials
Texturing: Part Two- Bottle and Label Shader

Digital Sets
UV Mapping
Lintels: Part One
Lintels: Parts Two, Three and Four, Plus Pillars
Parts Three and Four: Pillars and Windows
Part Five: Lintel Details
Part Six: Dorma
Part Seven: Balustrade
Part Eight: Window Detail
Part Nine: Ground Floor Windows

Pre-Viz One: Intro to Pre-Visualisation
Pre-Viz Camera Rigs
Pan, Crane, Roll, Dolly and Pitch Shots
Camera Coverage: Camera Manager Script
Camera Shake

Texturing One: Intro to Texturing
Pirates Cove: Part One
Pirates Cove: Part Two
Pirates Cove: Parts Three, Four and Five
Pirates Cove: Part Six
Pirates Cove: Part Six- Metal Bands Added
Pirates Cove: Part Six Complete
Pirates Cove: Part Seven
Pirates Cove: Part Eight
Pirates Cove: Complete
Introduction to Fur
Introduction to Shading Networks
Santa Hat

Intro to Animation
Bouncing Ball Non-Centred
Bowling Ball
Rotating Bouncing Ball
Paper Clip Chain
Felix Jr.- Rig Installation
Walk Cycle Mechanics
Down Pose

Intro to Rigging
Biped Rigging Part One: Legs
Biped Rigging Part Two: Spine
Biped Rigging Part Three: Arms
Rigging One: Leg Piston
Rigging One: Eyes
Rigging One: Tail

Intro to Visual Effects

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