Saturday, 4 May 2013

Adaptation: 'Making Plans for Nigel' Rough Cut

 'Making Plans for Nigel' Rough Cut

This is a rough cut of the final video for Making Plans for Nigel. The rhythm is pretty much there, although it needs tidying up.

Originally, I was going to intersplice two-dimensional animated footage, created in After Effects, between the rendered footage (as seen in my Pre-Vis). Although, I feel as though the repetition of the rendered footage provides the same experience that the After Effects segments had provided before, without forcing the viewer to adjust to shifting visual styles. There is a chance I may still include them, as well as the advertising video footage, but at the moment, I am satisfied with the result so far. I think the video may end up coming off as cluttered and a bit slapdash if I continue to lump elements on, even though they were planned to be included initially.
As well as the changes above, I have also shortened the song by about a minute, as the 3:30 limit was proving to be a bit of a struggle to reach, without the footage outstaying its welcome. Also, the title in the footage is currently a placeholder, and will be changed for the final video.
Any critique and feedback would be greatly appreciated whilst I tidy up and apply the finishing touches to the video. Thanks!


  1. Hey Steve, Nice work, I must say I quite miss the 2D sections, they added a great rhythm to the animation :)

  2. Steve - I'm going to echo Nat's feedback here: I REALLY miss the 2d + collage sections of your original previz; I just seems now as if CGI and a technical pipeline has rather usurped an earlier, more exploratory approach. This is a less brave undertaking now - though that must be difficult to hear because I know the CGI has cost you so much in terms of hours and sleep. If I were you, I'd now take a really brave decision. I think you need to throw out this rough edit and think on your cgi as just one aspect of your raw material; go back to the editing suite, go back to the drawing board, and put back in what you've cgi-ed out. Put more positively, you've got lots of coverage, now go re-find your film in the editing suite - it's how it's done in the business all the time. I think you've lost something, Steve - time to put it back. (and you do have time, because this is about the instinct around editing and collage that you've already demonstrated in your pre-viz).

  3. Agreed - It's nicely edited but the repeated shots feel like your searching for footage which isn't actually there.