Friday, 12 April 2013

Adaptation: High Street Environment Progress 12/4/13

High Street Environment Progress 12/4/13

The texturing is almost finished now. All thats left is to dress the windows and liven up some of the smaller areas, such as the glass in the doors and the pavement area (most likely using a tessellated texture, as I did in the Kitchen environment). The circular texture used here may possibly be changed to something simpler, as I don't want it to be perceived as a graphic but more of a textured surface.


  1. The ground should be a different tone to everything else, as at the moment you've got a scene which is too tonally flat. I'd desaturate it a little bit as it's just blending in with everything else.

  2. Sorry I did this without asking, but just to demonstrate what I mean:

    You'll see you have very little range of tone and it's making the whole scene look much too flat (even for a cartoon-like scene).