Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Adaptation: Supermarket Modelling Progress 2/4/13

Supermarket Modelling Progress 2/4/13

This is the current state of the Supermarket environment. The environments are specifically simplified, with a colour scheme that is designed to directly reflect the design of the character within it. I've taken influence from cel animation background paintings, keeping the environment simple to keep the focus on the characters. I'm pretty happy with the state of things at the moment, but as always, I'm open to any feedback.


  1. Try increasing the Ambient Colour on your character,and fiddling around with the Diffuse value (increase it gradually). Might help to flatten her out to match the environment, but also retain a certain sense of 3D-ness rather than it being one or other ('3d' or totally 'flat'). Right now she doesn't quite gel with the environment.