Thursday, 29 January 2015

Major Project: 'Frankenstylist' Part Two Project Schedule

This is the schedule for the second half of production on Frankenstylist

This schedule commences from the beginning of this week, having lost the first two weeks finishing up my dissertation.

This leaves me with fourteen weeks of production time. During the first half, the majority of visual research was carried out, which means I can jump into the design more or less straight away.

The schedule is provides each phase with a generous amount of completion time, with the option to adjust certain blocks of time in favour of other steps, if necessary.

The next post will consist of environment thumbnails, figuring out the general appearance of the house and the layout of the street.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Minor Project: Franklin Complete

After weeks of work, (and absent blog posts...) Franklin is finally completely modelled, rigged and textured. 

He has a full body rig, as well as a basic facial rig (phonemes, visemes and tongue control, along with blink and brow control). I may add some additional functionality during the Major Project, if I feel it is necessary for the actions he needs to carry out.

I've had something of an issue with the IKs in Franklin's legs, which I will have to fix at a later date. Adding the constraint causes the legs to rotate and buckle, so for the time being, I've had to fasten the Twist functionality to counter this effect. It appears to be present on both my character rigs (and I remember it occurring on previous projects), so I will need to repair this before I can actually animate the characters.

As for texturing, his skin uses a basic Mental Ray fast skin shader, whilst the rest of the outfit uses basic phongs, blinns and lamberts, each with appropriate bump mapping.

The Delivery Man is 90% of the way finished, he is just waiting for facial blendshapes to be added, and the texturing to be complete. The turnarounds for both characters will be ready by the end of the week.