Monday, 8 April 2013

Adaptation: Kitchen Environment Complete

Kitchen Environment Complete

The Kitchen environment is now complete, with only a bit of set dressing to be added (the props for this will be used in all three environments, so I'll add those in once they're complete). The environment is now fit to be animated in, so I should have the few shots that don't require any facial animation sorted  over the next few days. Whilst animating these shots, I shall refine the Supermarket and construct the High Street, multitasking to the best of my abilities. 


  1. Don't forget ambient occlusion, It will make everything 'pop'! Also, I may be nitpicking, but I think the lighting is too orange. It's bordering a little bit on the horror side as opposed to sterile domesticity.

  2. It's your shadows as well. They look too dramatic.

  3. a touch 'Suspiria'?

    Congrats though, Steve - bring it on! :)