Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Updated Animatic (Still No Music! Argh!)

This is my animatic improved somewhat with more interesting transitions between shots. At some parts it works, and in others it feels a little forced, but that's easily fixed when I finally figure out where the transitions aren't suitable.

I still haven't settled on any incidental music to play in the background. Ideally I'll use something royalty-free, but if push comes to shove, I've thought about either of these (both copyrighted, but I may get lucky!)

We Call Them Pirates Out Here- Mark Mothersbaugh: A fast paced piece that works quite nicely with the fast cuts throughout the first half of the animatic

Cerebrawl- Laura Shigihara: A kind of playful little tune that reflects the implied evil of Frankie in a cutesy fashion

Also, if it feels suitable, I may shift the music after the reveal, but I'll figure that out once I have a suitable track for the rest of the animatic.

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