Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Some Basic Character Design Revisions

In response to my OGR feedback, I've attempted to develop my basic idea for the design for Frankie in relation to the techniques presented in Preston Blair's book, Cartoon Animation.
Whilst they're very basic and there is still a hint of style-creepiness present, I feel they're certainly a step in the right direction.


  1. These are really getting somewhere Steven, keep going at it! :D I particularly like the first and second images, the pose of the second one has a lot of energy to it which is great and the first one just makes me laugh because of how big Frankie's coat is for him, such great characterisation :)

  2. Yep - first and second - he does look a bit terrifying in the last 2 images though - and too old - and there's definitely more than a hint of manga minimalism going on - when something more 'made of shapes' would surely add some 'apple-pie' cuteness...