Friday, 17 February 2012

Maya Animatic: Progress on Scene One

Scene one is practically complete at this point, although it has brought up a fairly massive issue.
This scene alone is 25 seconds long, pretty much taking half of my total time simple opening the story. I need to seriously whittle this down otherwise I'll be exceeding the total length considerably. This will pretty much remove all of the humour within the first scene, but if thats what it takes to cut it down to a reasonable length, I may have to do so.
Either way, here is the (pretty much) finished scene one.


  1. Hey Steven this is great! I love the clearing of the throat and the looking down, great humour! Well if this is too long what if you start it with less of the van pulling up. The van comes from the side of the shot and stops outside a strange looking house. You still get across that its there to bring something, but there is less time spent on it coming down the road?

  2. thanks emma :) and i've just spent the last hour rewatching this scene to nail where i can trim bits off, and i think i can get it down to around 13-15 seconds, which is a fairly dramatic difference. although i may end up resorting to Edgar Wright-style cuts between actions, just to get my point across faster.

  3. Nice one Steven!! I agree with Emma on this one but its coming on well!! :D You could also maybe have a shot of the man already at the house with the van sitting outside of it? I really like the end bit with the long pause and the little kid!

    Great stuff!! XD