Monday, 6 February 2012

Rope Film Review

Rope (1948) Film Review

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  1. Hey Steve,

    Good to see this appear so soon - and it seems you enjoyed it. Personally, I just love the writing in it - all the mordent wit - all the references to hands and to hanging. Hitchcock was a sicko! Brandon and Philip, whose homosexuality is implied, are classic examples of Hollywood depicting gays as a) psychopathic, or b) hopeless neurotic, and c) amoral thrill seekers!

    You seemed a bit anxious today when we discussed your story; you know, this wrangling with structure and meaning and character arc is truly the nuts and bolts of this unit - and if it's working, you'll be feeling it. Try to feel it positively - and, if you're truly up a blind alley - do something radical, like throw it all out and re-build with a different emphasis. For me, I still reckon that figuring out your child's motivation is key - or changing everything.

    For example, what if the action of your script WAS set in a petshop after all - and it WAS your petshop for monsters - with the Creature from the Black Lagoon getting a goldfish etc. And the story rests on Frankenstein's monster coming in looking for something in particular. I keep having an image of someone putting an umbrella inside an animal and opening it up - as a solution to some customer request - but this is half-formed - and probably a bit unpleasant!