Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Updated Story Overview and Basic Logline

An ambitious, pint-sized scientist must bend the rules of nature itself in order to win his school science fair, but before he can, he must refine and perfect the process of his project.

Act I
Frankie receives parcel from delivery man. The parcel is opened, but the contents are hidden from the audience, only Frankie’s expression reveals hints to what is really within.
The parcel is taken downstairs into Frankie’s laboratory, and put to one side. A set of blueprints can be seen on Frankie’s workbench, next to what can only be described as a shopping list. The blueprints and list reveal Frankie’s plans to construct a life form from existing animals.
Frankie takes a trip to his local pet shop, gathering up the ‘components’ for his creation, bundling them into a wheelbarrow as he goes.

Act II
Frankie returns to the laboratory, unfurls his blueprints and begins to work. Being a child, the only real source of power for his device is the AA batteries he has pried from his own toys. This proves to be an inferior power source, as his machine barely begins to operate before the batteries are totally drained.
Frankie takes it upon himself to find another power source. He takes advantage of the lightning rattling around his house, and routes the electricity to his creation by opening an umbrella just outside of the window. Lightning strikes the umbrella, directing the power straight to the creature and bringing it to life.

Frankie approaches the creature, sat upon the workbench, with the parcel he received that morning. He opens it up, revealing the contents to be a brand new suit and tie.
The evening ends with Frankie and the Creature taking part in Frankie’s school science fair, both Frankie and the Creature in matching suit and ties. Frankie and the Creature are shown to be the winners, totally obliterating the repeated entries of baking soda volcano’s and potato batteries.
The story ends with Frankie and the Creature posing for a photograph for the school newspaper, rosaries pinned to their suits. 

Updated Potential Loglines
-An ambitious, pint-sized scientist plays God in order to become God of his school science fair.

-A gifted, if somewhat peculiar child repurposes man's best friend into man itself in order to be the victor of his school science fair.

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