Thursday, 9 February 2012

Potential 'Third Act' Scenarios

These scenarios are simply the 'reveal' of the events occurring in the previous two acts. The first act is practically the same as its always been, although the second act has been adjusted in order to place more emphasis on the 'reveal' of the third act. The actions carried out in the second act are deliberately obscured from the audience's perspective, taking advantage of misdirection and providing the audience with a third act that was totally unexpected. These are ideas for what this process could result in.

·       All of Frankie’s actions leading up to this point result in the laboratory being revealed as some form of animal beauty salon, à la Edward Scissorhands. (Alternative could reveal the laboratory to be a veterinary surgery. The lead up would be exactly the same, with the reveal being slightly different)(Bonus ‘botox’ gag may be included, depending on how suitable the balance between hilarity and horror is).
·       Frankie is revealed to be crafting a birdhouse for his newly purchased pet budgie (Could apply to a variety of scenarios, such a fish tank for his new fish, a vivarium for his new chameleon, etc).
·       Frankie fulfills a relatively mundane task (such as serving a meal, turning the page of a book, etc.) using machinery powered solely by kinetic energy generated by running hamsters (or other animals) on a series of treadmills (in a Rube Goldberg-style scenario).
·       Frankie’s efforts result in him finally successfully opening a tin of food for his pet cat (Much like the opening sequence in Back to the Future).

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  1. I have to say, that in pure visual terms, the pampered pooch boutique reveal is going to play very well!

    From this -

    to this!