Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Character Backstory- 'Frankie'

In order to clarify my Patchwork Pals story a little more, I've written up the backstory for the 'Frankie' character. This backstory has also led me to write an alternative opening to the screenplay, which is yet to be completed. Hopefully exploring the character more so will open the story up and make it considerably more interesting. It has also solved the issue I had with the first version of the screenplay, which was that it didn't really have a 'problem'. It was sort of just the character meandering from one place to another. Anyway, here is the short backstory I've developed for the character.

  Frankie was always a fairly curious child. His personal pursuit of knowledge was far more appealing to him than the creation macaroni pictures and the consumption of PVA glue of which his peers were known to dabble in. It was only a matter of time before Frankie moved on to greater things.
  Of course, the growth of his mental capacity didn’t make up for the lack of growth in Frankie’s legs. You see, Frankie being a child five years, three months and sixteen days meant he’d barely be able to see over the pedestal when receiving his Nobel Prize. These height issues became increasingly apparent as his projects became more and more ambitious.
  Frankie’s tolerance towards his minute stature finally shattered when his height was restricting him from even reaching the tools in his laboratory. Instead of investing in a stepladder, Frankie chose to fit his workshop with something a little more… complimentary of the setting. Specifically, a taller, less intelligent servant, with a retro, sci-fi charm, employed for the sole purpose of fetching anything higher than Frankie could ever reach.


  1. like it! the shortness has a real impact and resembles the frustration in a character to do great or great evil, as influence The film " big fish" on an emotional level in the sense of being 'too big for a small town' Also Something ive been meaning to suggest is in Tim Burton's early work, he made a short film similar to frankenstein Called Frankenweenie. you should check it out. also family guy episode, Quagmire's Baby

  2. I LOVE THIS!! The idea of how a little kid's determination to reach its goals is really good! Another influence that this reminded me of was Tim Burton's Vincent where the kid Vincent imagines himself as Vincent Price. I feel this helped intoducing a bit more of the character and I think that adding this to your screenplay story would work well.

    Can't wait to see more!! Keep it up!! :p