Saturday, 14 January 2012

Updating My Ideas, Somewhat

Its been one of those long days at work where I am simply stood in between the beeping of tills, and during those long days I find myself drifting off into 'project mode', where I just think and think and think. During these moments today, I refined an idea surrounding the overall story surrounding my scene that had sort of developed as I was modelling the various components.
It builds upon the birthday idea, but adds somewhat of an implied narrative to the scene, very much influenced by the work of Gregory Crewdson.
The birthday scene was initially going to be placed within the scene to break up the repetition of the diner, whilst now I've began to think about ideas surrounding imperfections found within perfection. The perfection in this case is the clean, clinical presentation of the diner, in a 50's setting which, in almost every visual representation, is an example of a perfect lifestyle. The imperfection lying within this perfection is the idea of a suggested kidnapping.
This will be presented by distressing the birthday scene somewhat, displaying signs of a struggle, with the door at the back of the scene leading out into a car park, with nothing in sight other than a pair of tire tracks and a single party hat. These elements will be matte painted, in a night time setting, and illuminated in the painting by a spot light, possibly from a street lamp or headlights. I may incorporate some blue and red lighting streaming through the shutters of the diner, although this may kill the subtlety of the narrative somewhat, a little bit too 'bloodstain on the carpet'.
Finally, I know this is a little late in the game, but its not so much a totally new idea, but more refining an existing one, so that I can get the most effective and satisfying result from my work.
 A Very, Very Loose Thumbnail Depicting my Refined Idea

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