Monday, 30 January 2012

Unit Four: Storytelling

And so it begins!
The components I selected are:
Environment- Pet Shop
Prop- Umbrella
Character- Frankenstein's Monster

I've had some very simple thoughts and ideas surrounding potential scenarios once I received the components, these include:

'Frankenstein' Revisited Idea
-An eccentric pet shop owner with a taste for science fiction attempts to recreate the premise of his favourite story, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, by constructing a creature of his own. The lack of human components leads the owner to construct the creature from bits and pieces of his own furry friends. A harrowing storm shakes the shop during the final stages of the twisted re-birth, resulting in copious amounts of water trickling through the building, and onto the various elements of the precious contraption. In order to prevent a drastic catastrophe, the owner frantically places umbrellas all over the shop, shielding his devices from the rainwater. 

'Patchwork Pals' Idea
-An up and coming scientist wishes to embark on a journey to become the most dastardly evil genius the world has ever seen. Although, this cannot be achieved without the scientist first employing the services of a submissive minion. In order to do so, the scientist visits a store that specialises in selling just the thing; its somewhat of a pet store, dabbling specifically in monsters and henchmen. After all, in the eyes of an evil genius, these people are no more than pets, really. The store is fully stocked with the latest in monster and henchmen technology, but what the scientist really wants is something a little more... retro. Delving into the bargain basement (quite literally, a basement), he discovers a patchwork creature, manufactured by none other than Dr. Frankenstein himself! The scientist quickly snatches up this once in a lifetime bargain, only to discover the reason why the creature is going for such a low price. He's missing an arm. Typical. Unable to tear himself away from the retro charm of the creature, he establishes an alternative solution, equipping the creature with a brand new limb, fashioned from an old umbrella. The scientist finalises his purchase, and he and the creature make their way back to the scientist's laboratory, using the creature's newly installed limb to protect them from the elements on their way.

'Cat Thumbs' Idea
-A, somewhat slow, inventor attempts to patent a design for a brand new umbrella, exclusively for cats. The inventor recieves a rejction from the patent office, being told that his design simply will not function thanks to the lack of thumbs the average cat possesses. Furious that his idea has been rejected, he takes matters into his own hands, obtaining in a plethora of different cats from the local pet shop. In the evening, the inventor begins to create his own enhanced felines, grafting human thumbs onto the paws of the animals in order to make his invention actually useful. Of course, the patent office will be the last of his troubles when the RSPCA catches onto his devious plan.


  1. some good ideas here man. I love the way in which Frankenstein revisited has the disturbingly gruesome dismemberment of innocent fluffy creatures crossed with putting up unbrellas to stop rain dripping on his various appliances. "mustn't let the copious amounts of kitten blood be washed away by the rain." lol. it's like Silence of the Lambs meets Wallace and Gromit. it's fantastic, although probably a little too dark for this unit. I particularly like the Patchwork pals one, the idea of a mad scientist walking into a shop that sells minions on the shelf like household electrical appliances just has so much visual imagery to it. The cats with thumbs idea made me chuckle the most yet sadly, for me, it doesn't seem to capture the whole Frankenstein's monster idea. the ideza that a pet shop owner has mysteripously aquired a bag of human thumbs seems a little bit dodgy aswell. stick with Patchwork Pals man :)

  2. Whilst I agree with Freddie, you MUST google "polydactyl cats"...some cats have 8 thumbs as well as their toes!