Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Beginning the Modelling Process

Although the concept painting is yet to be completed, I've started to assemble the scene in Maya, as I have enough information to work with currently.
The scene has currently been established with low detail polygons that will be expanded upon. Although I will be creating one of each prop and then duplicating them, I needed to make sure everything was scaled correctly against one another, otherwise I'd spend hours working into a model that just didn't fit.
The matte painting will likely be a street scene through the windows, although I am yet to decide whether it will be a daytime or night time scene. As this will influence the lighting of the scene, I will probably experiment loosely with lighting beforehand, and then create the painting after I find suitable lighting. I'm also wondering about possibly positioning the door at the end of the diner (shown in the concept painting) slightly ajar, which would lead to another potential matte painting opportunity.

The angle I was working at whilst modelling 

The camera repositioned to emulate the concept painting more accurately

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