Thursday, 29 September 2011

Body Structure Influence Map

This influence map is compiled of images that aren't necessarily relevant to my creature or the theme of the task, but the design of the subjects is inspiration for the overall structure of my hybrid. It does seem entirely random, and well, thats because it pretty much is. But hey, everyone draws influence from different things, and apparently mine is from fictional space aliens and androids. 

Images within this influence map are Robocop (specifically the exposed jaw design of the helmet), Cthulu (for the tentacles), an example of radiation poisoning (for the diseased, encrusted surface of the hybrid), 'Maria' from 'Metropolis' (for the metal panels and angular structure, as well as the idea of an outer shell), an Ood from 'Doctor Who' (for the tentacles and head structure), a Facehugger from 'Alien' (for the wrap-around look of the tentacles and the general idea of a lifeform 'latching on' to something else, much like the gene structure of one lifeform to another), a Splicer from the video game, 'Bioshock' (for the diseased appearance, ragged clothing and inspiration concerning the transformative process) and finally, the squid from 'Watchmen' (simply because it seemed to lend itself so well to the design of my hybrid).

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  1. Hey Steve! As a follow on to the Facehugger reference, perhaps a look into some of H.R Giger's other work maybe found particularly interesting when it comes to your shell texturing? Here: Exactly what I mean :D Good ole' Giger ^ ^ Maybe you'll find some interest in the tentacles also present in the piece, too.