Sunday, 11 September 2011

Summer Project

These are the final turnaround's of my designs for a lifeform, building and machine for my 2011 summer project. The main inspiration I took from the items provided was the basic shapes that their silhouette's projected and the mechanical aspects behind many of them.
My lifeform was inspired by a variety of science fiction related themes, most notably, the idea of using a mechanical host to sustain a life. The 'lifeform' itself is housed within the mechanical body (much like a Dalek or Darth Vader) and the internal organs are kept operational.
The design of the lifeform was always pretty robotic from the start. I tried to incorporate the shape and structure of items on the sheet in the early designs, such as acting as the basis for the main body. The majority of the influence is subtle, but present. The objects acted as a very loose substrate on which I could build upon with, well, whatever I thought looked good, really.

I experimented with a more organic structure, but it seemed too 'I-Robot', and even though the inspiration was more blatant in this rough design, it didn't have the charm I was looking for. I also experimented loosely with the idea of creating some form of animal related creature, with this strange ostrich-like lifeform.

I loved the little mechanism that appeared to be some form of pneumatic pump, so I attempted to incorporate a similar structure in the design of the lifeform's legs.
I sharp edged construction and somewhat steampunk tone was inspired by the items provided, as well as other mechanisms and devices I had discovered whilst working in a silversmithing workshop over the summer. 
My building took inspiration from various themes and objects. I attempted to display a sharp, crisp utopia from the front of the building, whilst leaving the back decrepit and unkempt. This idea was inspired by films such as Blade Runner, indicating an idea of a bright future, with the reality being quite the opposite. 
I started off simply scribbling down what I saw to resemble the components of a building, take inspiration from the items mainly. As always, I would then add anything that was aesthetically appealing, aiming to stick close to original items.

I really liked the feel of the final sketch I created, as it had a somewhat circus-like feel surrounding it. The arched beams at the front shaped the building and made it appear to be a large tent of sorts.
Once again, the shapes and artefacts that make up the building were inspired by the items provided and other familiar things that I simply thought of when drawing (for example, the basic door shape and size were inspired by the entrance to Pizza Planet in Toy Story, whilst the sharp roofed building in the back was inspired by the German Huf Haus).


My machine was a cobbled-together accumulation of a thousand different objects. I took a steampunk approach once again on this design, randomly piecing together bits of whatever I happened to see on a daily basis. The machine consists of an old CRT television set, a respirator, piano keys and pedals, organ pipes, a fire extinguisher and other miscellaneous junk. I love the idea of making something from nothing and I feel this design plays to this idea quite nicely.

In retrospect, I completely missed the point on this one. I like the design, but it was about as far away from the original inspiration sheet as I could be. Unfortunately, by the time I realised this, it was too late. Although, if I was to justify this, it does play on the mechanical themes of the items and even though the centrepieces are completely different to what was provided, it does still comprise of the shapes and styles of the items on the sheet. 

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