Friday, 23 September 2011

Primary Research at the London Aquarium

On wednesday I took a trip to the London Aquarium in search of inspiration for my human/animal hybrid. Although the Nautilus was not a specimen that they had on display there, I still took a collection of photographs consisting of various different underwater plantlife, anemone's and other marine life.
I compiled an influence map of snippets of these photographs, all whilst listening to 'Rock Lobster' and eating fish fingers.

Of course, my final creation will be directly influenced by the Nautilus, but I will incorporate other underwater elements in order to develop a more unique creature. After all, I imagine if the Nautilus managed to get into my disintegrator/integrator, it was probably in a tank of some sort. Who's to say these weren't in there as well?


  1. Could be a nice touch if your hybrid had a barnacles patches scattered over its body . Such as how they attach themselves to whales. Would look quite quite gruesome I imagine.

  2. primary research! You should see my happy face. Great stuff - loving the attitude - and I hope the fish fingers helped the creative juices start flowing. Indeed, as Tom suggests, maybe you've hidden yourself away on the seabed - ashamed and shunned - and encrusted!