Monday, 12 September 2011

First Day!

After panicking insanely the last couple of nights, I am relieved to find how nice and friendly university is! Not trying to kiss up here (really, really!), but everybody seems to be so chilled out and approachable and it has really put my mind at ease. Any queries I had were answered within the first hour of being there!
Also, now that I know the turnarounds are due in for friday at the end of this week, I am going to attempt to revise my previous attempts at creating an interesting lifeform, building and machine, except this time I'm going to do the crazy thing and do what I've been asked to do, instead of going off on some obscure tangent. Although, I will be leaving my previous work up on here, as at the end of the day, screwed up work is work none the less!
I hope everyone else found the first day as helpful as I did, and I hope to get to know everyone soon!

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