Sunday, 24 February 2013

Adaptation: Things Organised Neatly

Things Organised Neatly

The images below are from a website I regularly visit called Things Organised Neatly. The site is exactly what you would imagine it is; visitors to the site organise something, anything, neatly in an obsessive compulsive manner, and photograph it for the rest of the world to admire (and scrutinise).

For this project, I've drawn a lot of influence from the images posted on the site, with much of my concept art reflecting this strict, uniform aesthetic. There is a distinct sense of consumerism and conformity in the concept behind this site, which fits my project perfectly. I also get a strong Wes Anderson feel from the focused, centralised photography, which is nothing to complain about, either.

Its a little strange how much I love this website, considering how difficult it is to find somebody more messy and disorganised than myself...


  1. weirdness must be catching - they're very soothing somehow!