Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Adaptation: Housewife Turnaround Progress 26/2/13 Part Two

Housewife Turnaround Progress 26/2/13 Part Two

The turnaround for the Housewife character is practically finished now, other than the top view for modelling the arms. 
I've attempted to retain the Paper Doll aesthetic in the designs by using a dark brown key line for the flesh, shoes and hair areas, as well as using an alternative key line for the outfit.
Below are some colour variants on the default design. When I created the Grey variant, I had the idea to use that instead of the 'Puppet' metaphor that is in the original script. Instead of the colour and branding seeping into the Housewife, the colour would drain out of each of them, removing the colour that made them unique, resulting in them appearing identical. This method would be considerably more economical in regards to workload, as I wouldn't have to design and model a marionette character, nor would I have to work out a method of transforming one into the other, as I could simply animate the textures. Although, this would be a little anticlimactic and I'd feel as though I would be cheating a little if this decision wasn't completely justified.
Anyway, as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Green Variant

Grey Variant

Red Variant

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  1. Could the alteration be more extreem? i think maybe her becoming a puppet means you allow your audience to dis-asociate because shes not human so theres how its justified to keep her human but maybe she becomes plastic? like a barbie? have a look at 'surrogates'... a bruse willis film... its really uncanny and theres subtle differences between the humans and the surrogates. being a doll/plastic also echos this mordern time more perhaps too with surgery being a consummer product now?