Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Adaptation: Pattern-y Kitchen Concept

Pattern-y Kitchen Concept

After drafting up the Three Housewives screenplay, I was left with this sort of image in my head. Using the same textures I had used from the V&A in the last lot of concept artwork, I quickly drafted a simple kitchen scene and flatly applied the textures on top, deliberately leaving out any considerable details. I kind of like the way it forces the viewer to fill in the gaps to a degree, as well as its resemblance to the sort of kitchen scenes you see in Ikea catalogues (thanks to the camera angle). This may not be the final style (its a bit too 'in-your-face', I think), but I feel as though it is a step in an interesting direction.

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  1. yes - too much - so maybe deploy patterns more tactically - BUT - also, yum!