Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Adaptation: Stock Footage Pre-Vis Progress

Stock Footage Pre-Vis Progress

When speaking to Phil on monday, he suggested I create a pre-vis of existing footage, mish-mashed together to loosely project the tone of my video and hopefully get the ball rolling a bit more. I gathered a bunch of clips and still images, repeated them over and cut them loosely in time with the rhythm of the song to see what I got. I've only uploaded a minute of the footage, but I will update it when the rest of the footage is in place.

I'm not sure whether it was a particularly successful experiment or not as of yet, but its getting somewhere. Feedback is greatly appreciated, as always.


  1. Hey Stevie P, I think this is a hugely articulate 'pre-viz' (and very nicely edited too) - I watch this, and I know what you want. Now it's easy to see how you need to thread a more conspicuously narrative component through the collage - the spine that will keep us watching until the end. This is your challenge, but the hypnotic, laid back feel is already established, so I think you should progress with confidence!

  2. Agreed. It suddenly becomes so clear with this pre-viz. Not that it wasn't fully before, but this really helps in terms of visualising the idea. Very exciting!!

  3. Liking it as a concept :D and nicely edited... I think the repetition is nice even if it was more about not having a lot of footage it may have been a case of less is more that make just that minute work. A few ideas come to me when seeing it. The first is mulholland drive... (or most David Lynch films)... the way the plot twists in the end and the point is to be put in a place of discomfort and to be confused about where the footing is... some people reason that film with the first part was a dream because of the depression of her real life and all the stuff about the box and key was just dreamy nonsense but other pick it about and hypothesis Lynch's decisions... mostly what it generates is talk and discussion, which is what you want your work to be... a talking point.

    You have the Stepford Wives in there, which I need to see but, I imagine it starts out how it ends, in this perfect world except at the beginning its fine because we don't know better... then when the same thing is experienced at the end its horrifying. This sort of structure could work well for your film (Perfect 50's advert with housewife mum and working dad and little jimmy eating brown bread at the beginning.... then the hard hitting truth... then back to mum dad and jimmy) again this leads back to Lynch and Blue Velvet... everything end so perfectly!

    Check this out at 4:44 advertising before TV but made rediculess but fry and laurie.

    Hope that helps :)