Saturday, 9 February 2013

Adaptation: Housewife 'Puppet of Consumerism' Concept

Housewife 'Puppet of Consumerism' Concept

Harking back to an earlier idea, this is a concept for a 'Puppet of Consumerism'. Originally, I had put this idea to one side pretty early on in the project, although it feels as though this somewhat Lynchian, Svankmajer-esque approach may be suitable once more, to help develop and reinforce a general narrative, where the consumer gradually becomes part of the thing they are buying into. This is a very quick concept and by no means a final design, but any feedback regarding any aspects of the concept would be appreciated.

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  1. I was gonna say that I got a whiff of Svankmajer from your pre-viz... I don't know why but maybe it's because it's a good path to go down. Svankmajer thought everything through methodically (which is our curse) yet the result is still this uncanny, uncomfortable work that leaves questions after it. Maybe get into some clay to create your housewife? This concepts nice as always but maybe this calls from something more creepy?