Tuesday, 10 April 2012

'The Conceited Fountain Pen' Progress 10/4/12

Here is the current progress of my animation. I've got roughly twenty second here, although there is a lot of incomplete parts which I've yet to include, which would take the animation up to around 32 seconds. I've also removed a few frames in Premiere Pro to speed up and smoothen a lot of the animation, such as the Fountain Pen stretching before it leaves the shot. I've also used Premiere Pro to extend the duration of a few frames at parts of the animation that I wish to extend. These spaces will be filled with hand drawn frames when I come to tidying up the animation once everything has been put together.


  1. WOW the movements in this are so fluent :) they glide so nicely!

  2. Looking lovely :) I love the switch between camera angles too :)

  3. :D Well done, Steve-o - looks like those hours in front of Dr Who are paying off!