Sunday, 9 November 2014

Minor Project: Franklin Outfit Finalising and Hairstyle Possibilities

After posting the various colour scheme options for Franklin and receiving feedback regarding the most appropriate selection, I've decided on the colour scheme below.

In this design I have also added a simple pattern to the woollen waistcoat, as well as a tartan-like pattern on the shirt. As before, I've tried to strike a balance between unsettling, fashionable and period accuracy.

As well as the colour options, I also received feedback regarding the appropriate hairstyle for Franklin. 

I couldn't decide between two styles, nor the final colour, so I've posted several variants of both styles below.

Stylistically, I think the brown option is most suitable, as it doesn't clash with the other colours in the design. Although, from a narrative perspective, I am quite fond of the ginger option, as the associated stereotype plays into the 'social outcast' aspect of Franklin's backstory. Although, this pairing of style and colour scream Little Orphan Annie a bit too loudly.

This is quite an adult hairstyle, which plays to the incongruous nature of the character's construction, as well as the 'amateur hairdresser' aspect of Franklin. There is also something quite unsettling of seeing a young child with such a mature and well kept hairstyle. In terms of colour options, I feel the brown works quite nicely, although the implied 'Aryan' aspect of the blonde helps up the unsettling nature of the character. 

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  1. okay - yes - for me the tidy hairstyle is beginning to work nicely, and somehow he has to be a red-head!