Monday, 22 September 2014

Minor Project: Revisiting Frankenstylist

Revisiting Frankenstylist

 After discussing project possibilities with Phil, its looking as though I shall be revisiting Frankenstylist, an idea I had first developed for my Storytelling project in Year One.
The main appeal of returning to this project is the already fairly established story, giving me more the opportunity to focus on character development, visual storytelling and cinematography, of which I didn't really expand upon in the initial pre-visualisation.

 So, for those of you don't have a clue what Frankenstylist is, here is a brief summary (the full Storytelling project can be found here.)

 On a quiet street, in a sleepy suburb, there is a house not like the others. In this house lives Frankie, a child known not for his popularity, nor his mischievousness, but for his unusual hobbies. Every Thursday, a postal van is seen delivering a single box to the house. A box with air holes and a bright 'Live Animal Inside' label. Rumours among the local schoolchildren seem to suggest Frankie has somewhat sadistic tendencies, although the reality is quite the opposite. In fact, the animals often leave happier than they arrived, their self esteem lifted after receiving a makeover many humans could only dream of. 

 The general gimmick of the story is the heavily implied horror, leading up to the comedic and light-hearted reveal in the third act. The use of distorted shadows and silhouettes, events happening just out of frame and other common methods of misdirection, assist in convincing the audience of Frankie's sadistic past times, with the third act revealing the reality; that Frankie is a flamboyant amateur beautician, with the common hamster acting as his muse.

Stylistic Possibilities
 After talking with both Phil and Alan, its clear that in order to execute this successfully, the animation needs to play up to specific themes, of both the genre's it is parodying and the era/setting in which it is taking place. With this being the case, there are several possibilities when a specific period and setting are selected, for example,
  • 1950's - British, Hammer Horror, Gothic Horror
  • 1960's - American, The Twilight Zone, Televisual Science-Fiction Horror
  • 1970's - American, David Cronenberg, Body Horror
  • 1970's - British, Robin Hardy, Rural Horror
  • 1970's - Italian, Dario Argento, Sensory Exploitation
  • 1980's - American, Sam Raimi, B-Movie Horror
  • 1990's - American, Wes Craven, Slasher Horror
  • 2000's - American, Eli Roth, 'Torture Porn' Horror
 Whichever of these periods I decide on, it should reflect the prominent genre of Horror movies during that era. This will hopefully add to the humour, as well as cementing the animation in the chosen era.

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