Saturday, 27 September 2014

Minor Project: Homes of 1970s Britain

Homes of 1970's Britain

I've put together a couple of brief influence maps, summarising the general appearance of British homes in the 1970s, both inside and out.
Whilst I'm unlikely to use a living room area in the animation, it provides me with a rough idea of the interior design of the time and sends me in the right direction for areas of the home I end up creating.
I think the next step would be to determine an aesthetic for the second act which contrasts the neutral tone of the setting.

Interiors of 1970s British Homes
Interior design of the time appeared to favour tessellated patterns, feature walls and somewhat mismatched furniture. A strange combination of cosy and tacky.

Exteriors of 1970s British Homes
Building exteriors of the time had a prominent post-war feel, with the architecture staying fairly consistent from the late 1940s up until the late 1970s. Whilst the exteriors above weren't necessarily constructed in the 1970s (with the exception of the block of flats in the top left), they're iconic of the time regardless. 

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