Friday, 26 September 2014

Minor Project: Researching an Aesthetic

Researching an Aesthetic
I began to research the 1970s, specifically popular culture of the time. This led to me looking into various contrasting areas of popular music. Through this research, I stumbled on somewhat of an idea, which plays to the three-act structure of the story, as well as saturating the animation in the iconography of the setting.

Act Specific Style Possibilities
There is a huge contrast of tone between the acts. Because of this, I'm toying with the possibility of using this contrast to reflect particularly aspects of the time period. I've started looking into subcultures of the 1970s, specifically, various genres of pop music of the time. 
I had already had conversations about revealing the main character to be a closet Glam Rock aficionado, so I began to look into what could be considered extremes of the genre, in terms of appearance, as well as what would be the complete opposite.

Act One - Family Bands and Easy Listening

Act Two - Heavy Metal and Punk Rock

Act Three - Glam Rock and Disco

An example of these particular styles applying to the three-act structure would be,

  • Act One - Family Music, The Osmonds, The Carpenters
    • Introduces Frankie as innocent, non-threatening
  • Act Two - Heavy Metal and Punk Rock, Black Sabbath, Ramones
    • Reinforces the impression of Frankie as a twisted, unusual child
  • Act Three - Glam Rock/Disco, David Bowie, T.Rex, The Bee Gees
    • The contrasting reveal is complimented by a contrasting musical and visual style

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