Sunday, 24 March 2013

Adaptation: UV Maps Arranged and Basic Joints Installed

UV Maps Arranged and Basic Joints Installed

I've arranged both characters' UVs now, placing all body elements on one map and all head elements or another. I've also installed the basic joints although they're yet to be skinned, which I will be making a start with tomorrow. The joints are almost identical, in the sense that I created the rig for the Housewife character and duplicated it for the Puppet character. The only difference in the rigs in the position of the elbow joint, which is is centered on the bolt on the Puppet character, and an extra joint in the calf bolt of the Puppet character also.
Below are the UV maps and shots of the joints in place.

Housewife With Joints

Puppet With Joints

Housewife Body UV Map

Housewife Head UV Map

Puppet Body UV Map

Puppet Head UV Map

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