Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Adaptation: Housewife Model Rigging Progress

Housewife Model Rigging Progress

I've managed to rig the majority of the Housewife model, although this wasn't without its issues. For a start, the pole vectors for the legs were misaligned when constrained, making it impossible to align the legs in a natural position. Also, the scale constraint on the main ctrl caused the model to either bug out and bounce around the scene, or expand massively completely obliterating the controls. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in my tutorial tomorrow, though.
I'm yet to figure out a rig for the dress, but that should be a simple case of setting the individual joints to individual attributes and animating them using driven keys. As for the Puppet model, I plan to simply export the controls as a separate unbound entity, to save me a little time putting them in the right position (as they are in exactly the same place for both models). I also won't have to spend time adding attributes for the hands, as the fingers are completely inanimate. It should hopefully be a case of just simply parenting and constraining the controls to the obvious places.

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