Sunday, 10 March 2013

Adaptation: Housewife Modelling Progress: Hands

Housewife Modelling Progress: Hands

I've began to model the hands for my Housewife character, mainly focusing on getting the fingers right for the moment. I'm pretty happy with how they're coming along so far. I've not done any proper work on the construction of the palm yet, I've only structured the edgeflow loosely to stop the whole thing collapsing in on itself when viewing it in smooth preview. I'll reconstruct the edgeflow tomorrow, as well as adding the thumb, dialing back any superfluous geometry and making refinements to make sure that it is fit to be animated.



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  1. Steve - I sent you an email to the address I found for you on blogger permissions - have you checked it yet? Something needs your attention urgently - it's exciting! :)