Saturday, 23 March 2013

Adaptation: Housewife and Puppet UV Mapping

Housewife and Puppet UV Mapping

The two characters are pretty much completely UV mapped now, although I still need to rearrange the UVs properly so that I can efficiently texture them in Photoshop. For the moment though, I should be able to go ahead and put the basic joints and controls in place without skinning the characters just yet, just in case I need to delete the history of the characters and readjust the UVs one final time.
Below are the two characters UV mapped, the dress needs some adjustment to both fit on the map and to reduce the warping across the surface, but other than that, everything appears to be going pretty well.

Housewife UV Mapped

Puppet UV Mapped

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  1. Don't forget to prioritise your UV space based on importance and what you want to have the most texture detail! For example, the shoes look like they are taking up a lot of space?

    Though this is assuming your going to attempt to get it onto a single map.