Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Character Design: This Week's Lesson 30/10/12

This Week's Lesson
In this week's lesson, we focused mainly on anthropomorphism, specifically, lending human characteristics to inanimate objects.
For the first task, we were each allocated a different room in a house. We then had to create as many unique characters as we could, using objects specific to those rooms. 
The room I was given was the attic. Below are the objects I attempted to bring to life.

A 'Spinster' Trunk- Old and Forgotten

An 'Excitable' Cardboard Box- Out of It's Box!

A 'Veteran' Chair- Been There, Done That, Seen It All

A 'Maniacal' Photo Album- Consuming Memories, Never to Be Seen Again

We were also asked to bring in an interesting object this week, and anthropomorphise it, however we could. I brought in a Sonic Screwdriver (who would have guessed...) and created something which generated an... interesting response from Justin.

From This...

...To This!

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