Monday, 12 November 2012

Character Design: This Week's Lesson, Delayed Project Update and Developing Expressions

This Week's Lesson
In this week's lesson, we focused on gesture drawing, determining how the line of action lied during a pose. We split off into groups and randomly selected poses that featured two models, with the third person sketching the poses as accurately and rapidly as they could. Below are my attempts.

Delayed Project Update
In the midst of preparing for last week's interim crit presentation, I completely forgot to post a project update for that week, so here is a delayed update of last week's work.

I spent the week working predominantly on the Sidekick character, trying to get his shape right, as well as drafting up some basic prop ideas.

This was the general design I developed. I'm pretty happy with how it is appearing so far, not too bulky and large, but also not too comedic.

The basic shape from the side, depicting loose weight distribution.

A bit more of an 'action' shot.

As for the prop ideas, I drafted up a series of Venom Bottles, in which the Villain will store the Venom to be distributed to the public.

And a basic Stagecoach concept (although this concept has been altered, the reasons why are to be explained in detail in an upcoming post.)

I also created some loose designs for the Hero character, although these designs are considerably less refined than the Sidekick designs. They were more for figuring out proportions than anything.

Developing Expressions
Since our last Character Design session, I've been focusing on developing the facial structure and basic expressions of my characters. Below are the images that I have developed so far.

And a final, tiny addition,
A slightly more resolved Hero design

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