Friday, 19 October 2012

Character Biography: The Sheriff

This is a preliminary biography for my Sheriff character. This is subject to change as the story and character is altered, but this is my starting point for drafting up designs.

Names: Sheriff Eli Johnson, Sheriff Johnson, Eli
Place of Birth: Leoneville
Residence: (Town TBC)
Date of Birth: Late 1800's
Species: Mongoose
Height: 6ft, 2in
Weight: 220lbs, Predominantly Muscle
Hair/Fur Colour: Light Brown, Blonde in Places
Hair/Fur Length: Roughly 3in's, at It's Longest
Eye Colour: Brown/Green
Handedness: Right Handed
Appearance: Typically well presented, but not to the point where he looks as if he doesn't work his fingers to the bone every day. A balance of professionalism and ruggedness
Relationships: His reputation in town, before the attack, was shining. He was loved and respected throughout town, not to mention feared by many. After the attack, he was shunned. His reputation was tarnished and all trust he had gained in town was lost, just like that.
Educational History: He received no more an impressive education than anyone else in town, but never the less, it is safe to say he has above average intelligence. Regardless, he is known to call on the services of others when his brainpower alone will not suffice.
Employment History: Before he became Sheriff, he worked as a simple store hand since he turned seventeen. After assisting the local law enforcement in stopping a robbery at the store in which he worked, he enlisted as a deputy. After the previous Sheriff retired, Eli was promoted, by order of the townsfolk, and he maintained that position of power for ten years. Currently, he has been stricken of his position, cast into the slums of town after he failed to prevent a bandit attack that could have been avoided.
Skills: He is known for his ability to handle a gun and his impressive people skills, working efficiently as a negotiator.
Phobias: He is fearful and distrustful of snakes. He also has a distaste for heights and deep water, but being in the desert, he doesn't come across that large a body of water too often.
Bad Habits: He has a tendency to brush things aside, ignoring any potential danger unless it is staring him in the face. This has lead to him being unprepared in many situations, but he doesn't seem to learn (another bad habit of his).
Quirks: He whistles when he's concentrating or feeling confident, which has been known to give him away in the odd game of Texas Hold 'Em or two.
Best Qualities: His unshakeable dedication, unstoppable confidence and stunning charisma.
Worst Qualities: His unintentionally lackadaisical attitude towards situations and the minute arrogance that comes with it.
Morality/Ethics: He has a strong belief in justice and looking out for those who cannot look out for themselves.

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