Sunday, 21 October 2012

Character Biography: The Merchant

Name: Known Predominantly as the Merchant, his true identity is unknown, as he is constantly acting as somebody else
Place of Birth: Unknown
Residence: Never settles down, he is constantly moving from town to town
Date of Birth: Late 1800's, roughly the same age as Sheriff Eli, give or take a few years
Species: Rattlesnake
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 195lbs, Tall and Thin
Hair Colour: No Hair
Scales: Patterned, hues of yellow, red and brown, although they have been known to change, along with the rest of his appearance
Eye Colour: Piercing Yellow
General Appearance: Dapper, his success is reflected in his attire. He has a penchant for coattails and polished shoes. Although, in order to constantly remain incognito, his appearance changes from town to town. His identity lasts as long as the con he is pulling at the time. Generally, his scales appear to have a dull shine to them, along with a slight transparency
Relationships: Any relationships he develops are fleeting, being that he is constantly travelling from town to town. He doesn't make friends, so to speak. They are more contacts, or clients, more than anything. He will be a 'best friend' to anyone, providing they bring with them a tempting job offer, or anything else he desires, but he has no problem stabbing them in the back for his own gains, or once they have served their purpose.
Friends: The highest bidder, or anyone else with a tempting offer or something he desires
Enemies: Local law enforcement, the competition, just about anyone, given the right offer from the right person
Educational History: Beyond basic reading and writing, his education typically comes from watching cheats, liars and swindlers, and more importantly, avoiding where they've gone wrong
Employment History: He has been cheating people out of their money from a young age, although his methods became more spectacular and considerably more devious when he reached his mid-teens. After years of cheating simple individuals, he realised he was not going to get anywhere unless he started cheating the right people. He moved onto cheating gangs, the wealthy and entire towns, travelling constantly and regularly changing his appearance so that before they realised he'd cheated them, the character he was playing was long gone
Skills: He is a master of disguise, literally shedding his skin and changing his identity, escaping any trouble heading his way. He is a skilful con man, effectively convincing his victims with grand scenes of spectacle and amazement, much like a magician.
Phobias: He is naturally fearful of Mongoose, after discovering that of all the people he attempts to swindle, they were the only ones that managed to see through his facade
Bad Habits: His arrogance leads him to underestimate many of his victims, effectively ruining his plans in a few cases.
Quirks: He tends to lick his lips when he spies a potential victim, and he speaks with somewhat of a vaudevillian inflection when he is in character
Best Qualities: He has none.
Worst Qualities: He is devious, sly and relentlessly cruel, with a unshakable taste for money
Morality/Ethics: His moral code lies with himself and him alone. He doesn't care much for others, unless their existence benefits him in some way

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