Thursday, 12 April 2012

'The Conceited Fountain Pen' Progress 12/4/12

I've added the Fountain Pen's jump to the animation, as well as the Crayon's written trail. I've also added a small snippet of the 'chase sequence' between the two objects, just to see if the concept would work out as I imagined.
Just a quick explanation regarding the writing the two objects leave behind them. The Fountain Pen, being the conceited character, leaves a calligraphic trail of various Latin terms. The Crayon, being the opposite, leaves a mis-spelled, poorly drawn trail. The words the Crayon leaves are simple words which have been converted into Pig Latin, a simple language game that involves taking the first consonant or consonant cluster of a word, placing it at the end and adding -ay, for example, Friend would be Iendfray. I decided to use Pig Latin for the Crayon as it couldn't be further away from actual Latin, making it perfect for the Crayon.


  1. I love how the crayon looks like a little kid trying to impress the pen! I love it Steve! Very charming :)

  2. such energy and fluidity here, Steve - can't wait to for the contribution sound will make too - onwards! :)