Sunday, 29 April 2012

Commission: Back to the Drawing Board

As fond as I was of my initial ideas, after further investigation I found them to be scientifically inaccurate, rendering the ideas pretty much redundant. After an hour or so of hair pulling and feet stomping, I've generated another potential option, this time focusing on Adult Stem Cells (I say "potential" as it may end up being as convoluted as before and I may still return to a simpler approach, but I'm putting the idea out there anyway).
Adult Stem Cells are undifferentiated Cells that reside among differentiated cells. They specialise in order to repair or replace the Cells surrounding them. An example of an Adult Stem Cell is a Hemopoietic Stem Cell, which can differentiate into different types of Blood Cells, such as Platelets or Lymphocytes. 
Because of their ability to fulfil the roles of various different Cells, I couldn't help but think of the word options. Adult Stem Cells provide the body with options to repair itself, as they are so versatile. I began to think of the word options in certain real-world contexts, and I thought about how the word is typically used when buying something, e.g. "there are many colour options for this particular model" or "additional options include a larger hard drive" etc. This made me think about applying the idea of Adult Stem Cells to an advertisement scenario, as if they were being marketed to a potential buyer. 
Unlike my previous ideas, Adult Stem Cells actually do divide through Mitosis (thank goodness!), meaning that I will still be addressing the process of the Cell Cycle. I imagine this would be achieved much like "Firstly, our Stem Cells go through a strict three-step process, where a series of checkpoints inspects our Cells to make sure they're fit for duty" etc etc (its difficult to explain without doing the voice myself or having a video to demonstrate). This would take the audience through the entire Cell Cycle process, guided by a narrator and visually demonstrated.
I would like to demonstrate Adult Stem Cells as a whole, i.e. providing examples of their tasks etc, and this could be achieved if I was to cut between separate shots fairly quickly, but this may end up being A) tons more work and B) more messy than interesting. 
As previously mentioned, I may be overcomplicating things here, but I can always whittle the idea down to get the most out of it.
Here are a couple of videos I've been looking at for both inspiration and as examples of the sort of 'advertisement' approach I'm looking at. (Also, I will still be retaining the stylistic choices I had made previously, just to clarify.)

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