Wednesday, 18 April 2012

'The Conceited Fountain Pen' Complete(-ish)

Here is the most complete  (and most likely final) version of 'The Conceited Fountain Pen'. All the sounds and transitions have been put in place, although there is a chance I may change the music track for something else in the next twenty four hours. It works to an extent, but I feel it may be too cheerful and optimistic for the tone of the animation. Apart from that, the animation is pretty much complete. Hurrah! 

The sounds I used throughout the animation were all created for this purpose, which involved a ton of scribbling on bits of cardboard just to get the right sound. I also created movement sounds for the Fountain Pen by rattling Lego bricks, and I attempted to create a laugh-like noise by clicking a Biro. This faux-foley experience was actually a ton of fun and it made a nice change to just drawing, drawing, drawing!

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