Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Unit Two- Space

I'm awfully excited to get properly started on this unit, especially now that I know what stories I'll be working with. I've been assigned folder thirteen, consisting of three short stories, all of which are themed around delightfully creepy buildings. Poe, Lovecraft and Hodgson are iconic literary marvels, telling stories of gothic horror, science fiction and fantasy, and I couldn't have asked for better stories to work with.

The Shunned House- H.P. Lovecraft
This is the story of an old, abandoned house, riddled with mysterious quirks and a deadly secret lurking in the dilapidated cellar...

The real life inspiration for 'The Shunned House', found at 135 Benefit Street, Providence, Rhode Island

The House on the Borderland- William Hope Hodgson
The journal of the previous inhabitant of a now ruined house reveal the warped happenings occurring in the days leading up to the houses destruction.

The Masque of the Red Death- Edgar Allan Poe
A flamboyant Prince and his one thousand followers seek refuge from the horrifying plague known only as the 'Red Death' within the walls of the Prince's ostentatious and luxurious abbey, only to find that they are not as safe as once thought.


  1. looking forward to it, Steve - have fun...

    oh - and if you want The Shunned House read to you in the wee small hours of the night, go here...


  2. I listened to the Shunned House audio book last year, was quite eerie to listen to on a rapidly darkening winter evening...

    Great selection of tales here Steven! I see lots of disturbing use of light and shadow coming on :)