Monday, 31 October 2011

A Few More Thumbnails

Trying out composition and lending somewhat of a personality to the house in 'The Shunned House'

Similar composition as above, using silhouettes of the characters in the foreground to evoke a feeling of adventure and to frame the house for a more impressive presentation

Trying out compositions for the interior, such as descending the stairs into the basement, with the phosphorant light from the fungi pouring under the door. Also playing around with foreground elements in the exterior, using fences etc to draw the viewer in.

Some more ideas for 'The Shunned House' as well as a corridor idea for 'The Masque of the Red Death'. The walls are set deliberately askew in the Georgian palace in order to reflect the Prince's love of the bizarre.

Yet again, more thoughts on the exterior composition for 'The Shunned House'

Ideas for the loose style of the 'stupendous structure built apparently from green jade' from 'The House on the Borderland'. In the story, the structure is near enough identical to the house of the narrator, but from an aesthetic perspective, this seems somewhat silly. I've instead taken elements from the narrator's home (taken from a loose description early on in the book, "This house, how ancient it is! though its age strikes one less, perhaps, than the quaintness of its structure, which is curious and fantastic to the last degree. Little curved towers and pinnacles, with outlines suggestive of leaping flames, predominate; while the body of the building is in the form of a circle") and applied them to a more grand, spectacular construction, to reflect the awe-inspiring location in which it resides.

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