Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thumbnail Sketches of Initial Ideas

These are the immediate ideas that formed upon a simple reading of the source texts. I've included the mind maps for 'The Shunned House' and 'The House on the Borderland', as well as basic sketches for a typical shot composition for all three source texts, generally following the rule of thirds (studying photography for five years has come in useful after all!)
These are very basic ideas and I like to think my final images will be but an echo of these layouts, although I am quite fond of my corridor layout for 'The Masque of the Red Death' and the gloomy close-up of 'The Shunned House'.


Shot Compositions for 'The Shunned House'

Shot Compositions for 'The House on the Borderland'

Rough Idea of the Presentation of 'The Shunned House' (showing the exposed cellar and general degradation)

Corridor Ideas for 'The Masque of the Red Death' (following the unusual layout of doors put forward in the source text)


  1. and so it begins, Steve - remember, concept artists are often employed to 'blow the doors off' a bit - so don't be afraid to scale up the oomph factor, think cinematically and panoramically - and theatrically - and, in compositional terms, be sure to consider the contribution of foreground, mid-ground and background - the idea of looking 'through', looking 'past', looking 'between' can all add to a more immersive effect. Obviously it's very early days, but just some soft principles to bear in mind as you continue through the thumbnailing process.

  2. Hello Steve, I agree with Phil. Loving the rickety house, incorporating that with and vast hill like you have done in the first 'The Shunned House' sketches would be great but seeing as it may be feel a little bland having just a small run-down house on huge hill, perhaps give the hill, more specifically the grass and plant-life a gradient change as your eyes travel further up the hill? Sectioning it into 'biomes' as such, I'll draw up a picture and show you what I mean when I next see you :)