Monday, 10 October 2011

Incorporating the Shell

These are a few simple ideas for incorporating the shell into my design, based on feedback from Phil on my OGR.

I began drafting up some ideas of how I could incorporate the shell into my design, taking influence mainly from the 'ball and chain' approach that Phil suggested (this is what I tend to do when the bus is stupidly late and I don't fancy talking to the shifty pensioners at the bus stop). Once I had established some rough ideas, I attempted to translate them into slightly more visually informative images in Photoshop.

This silhouette is meant to be demonstrating the idea of dragging the shell from one place to another without necessarily being attached to it, but thanks to the not-so-amazing proportions it looks more like Ted Dansen playing Swingball with a giant tennis racket. This idea got shelved pretty quickly.

This silhouette played with the idea of dragging the shell along, whilst being fused to it. The movement of my hybrid comes from a 'army man' style crawl, with all the weight being carried by the arms alone. Even though this idea is still rather 'Centaur'-like, I feel it could still work, as the human and the animal aren't being distinguished by two separate halves, one human, one animal. The head and torso are still mutated and disfigured to appear truly hybridised with the Nautilus, but the shell is a key element and I feel that in order to accurately depict the hybridisation, the shell must be represented in a similar, natural way as it is in the Nautilus itself.

This silhouette is an alternative to the design above, with the torso being further up the shell. The idea is that my hybrid lean forward, still dragging the shell using the arms alone, but supporting the weight with rudimentary ropes and binds. From a physical perspective, this method isn't particularly practical, but the more upright pose lends itself to be a more dynamic image overall. Please note that the side on view is simply for developmental purposes and that the final image is more than likely to be angled to depict both the front and side of the image, displaying both the detail of the torso and the grand nature of the shell.


  1. Hey Steve, loving the third idea! The idea that you're dragging the huge shell via some sort of membrane? Hmmm, considered more then one shell? They could've smashed then their biological construct could have rebuilt into more shells?.. An idea ^ ^ Good job anyway dude,for the shape and angle of the shell being taking into consideration from the third image gave me another idea about armour, more specifically grieves. I'll give it a mention when it's more refined in my noggin :P See ya

  2. the shell could be smaller, you know - not entirely form or opened out - and it could be only half-emerged, like a molar from a gum -so rather like, um, I hesitate to write this, but rather more like somekind of sac or scrotum or pouch that the 'bowling ball' of the shell structure is within, and it sort of drags behind you - or you carry it infront of you - and again, I hesitate to send you here, but I going to anyway...