Monday, 31 October 2011

Influence Map for the Tower Design in 'The House on the Borderland'

This influence map is simply for the construction of the 'stupendous structure' in 'The House on the Borderland'. The structure is "at a distance of several miles and occupying the centre of the arena, a stupendous structure built apparently of green jade". The first thing that creeped into my head when I thought of large ancient structures was the Tower of Babel. The reflectivity and crystalline construction of the green jade has led to me looking at the buildings at the French amusement park, Futuroscope, the planet of Midnight from Doctor Who, a planet made of diamonds and sapphires, the crystalline palace Dr. Manhattan creates on Mars in Watchmen and conceptual skyscraper designs. The narrator also states that "in no particular, save in colour and it's enormous size, did the lonely structure vary from the house in which I live". Taking influence from earlier descriptions of the narrator's house ("This house, how ancient it is! though its age strikes one less, perhaps, than the quaintness of its structure, which is curious and fantastic to the last degree. Little curved towers and pinnacles, with outlines suggestive of leaping flames, predominate; while the body of the building is in the form of a circle."), I've looked a structures similar, and I aim to incorporate the similar structural elements in the design of the structure.


  1. Ohh I really like this! Quite futuristic which I know you will absolutely love looking at. I can picture the green jade house in my head right now just from these influences. Its sharp cut edges and translucent shine towering down on everything else. I can't wait to see this gemstone house!

  2. It looks really nice! I'm looking forward to see how they relate to your work^^