Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Adaptation: Rendered Footage Preview

Rendered Footage Preview

After a while of no posts, I finally have some progress to display. This is a low quality preview of the rendered animation so far. 

I have a bit more left to animate, as well as a lot of footage that is currently rendering as I create this post. The total length of the footage will likely be around 1:30-2:00. Whilst this doesn't fit the approx. 3:00 length of the track, this will be extended by cutting in samples of found video footage and still images, as displayed in my Pre-Vis. As for the repetitive After Effects segments, I plan to construct these once the bulk of the footage is compiled. I'm fairly comfortable working with After Effects, so this is fairly achievable as long as things go smoothly. I am cutting things incredibly close at this point, but I suppose its better to push things to the extreme instead of slowing down to a stop. 
All in all, I'm fairly confident (touch wood) that I will get the rendered animation finished, if nothing else, by the crit.

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